Digi Go

Having a well-managed digital media presence gives lotteries the dual advantage of leveraging the powerful viral marketing model and also promoting and protecting their business face in the high-connectivity driven and powerful consumer-driven social web domain.

GI’s Digi Go provides operators a platform that enables an easy entry into an entirely new exercise of powerful marketing, reputation management and customer engagement. It is powered by superior communication, connections, participation, content sharing and value-based engagements that hugely influence customer perceptions and their gaming decisions.

Digi Go capitalizes on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, You- Tube, E-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, etc., and ensures high social presence that ultimately culminates in improved brand awareness and visibility and increased transactions on the operator’s website.

Additionally, GI can provide on demand a dedicated Digital Media Strategy and Management Team that will work with lottery operators to ensure periodic news updates and promotion of games on their Social Media platforms. Performance tracking and monitoring of customer engagement services is also available to aid the operator in engaging with players.

End User Mobile Apps and Web Sales
GI has developed an intutive and interactive web sale portal where every sale and win can be tracked, and promotional material and information about latest games can be conveyed directly to players. In other words, GI keeps operators in constant touch players. This app can be integrated with GIOLS or any other central system and is seamless in operation.