Digi Pay

GI's Digi Pay provides lotteries with world-class payment processing infrastructure and services. It issues open loop (Visa/Mastercard) player cards with customer tracking facilities for statutory purposes and loyalty programmes. It enables lotteries to seamlessly accept payment from Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit or debit cards and all alternative payment instruments. This enables operators to offer their games to players anywhere in the world and to pay the winnings directly to the players’ cards subject to local government regulations. The platform can be connected to any back-end system that the operator may have deployed.

Track Player

GI's Track player is a card/app which works on plastic, virtual and mobile formats for all games designed and delivered by GI or any other central system, to track the player usage pattern. It can also double up as a prepaid-cum-loyalty card. It can be used for value-added services and bill payments as well. It works on a pre-paid debit card concept with the option of recharging based on the customer’s winnings on all gaming transactions, or on a balance transfer and recharge basis. In addition, it offers an option for the operator to connect with players via social media.

Electronic and Mobile Commerce Suite

All games and services GI offers on the internet and mobile platforms have been integrated with multiple payment mechanisms, including credit cards. The technology used is the latest, making it easy to integrate with other payment gateways too.